The user informs everything we do, and we carefully build every element of our sites to honour the user’s search intent and queries.


Our strategy targets user engagement and commitment to our portfolio of brands rather than chasing fickle metrics.


We create big brands that distinguish us through their original, meaningful content that elevates them to the top of their target market.


Harnessing all our strengths, we engineer never-before-seen products with the potential to positively transform iGaming and Finance.


Our teams experience is based on many strategic- and operational years within the financial- and iGaming market. This gives us a strong foundation. We have many succesfull business' behind us and our reputation goes by being open, honest and trustworthy partners. We take care of the whole lifecycle of a consumer – from the first engagement to the final sale. We are adding value to the consumer-DNA, through customized segmented- and analytical tracking and optimization. We live by the code "Track, Analyze and Optimize"

Onsite Engagement on landing pages

We aim to give you a full insight in your customers online engagement and track your visitors site activity and online behavioral, to capture useful data. Hereby we know exactly when and why the visitor converted in to a customer.

Behavioural Emailchannel

We increase your acquistition KPI’s with our behavioural emailchannel. We create professional templates with optimized CTA’s in order to convert more leads for your business. We analyze open and click-rates to constantly ensure that we convert as many targeted customers as possible.

SMS-strategy to reach your customers on the move

Email marketing is a powerfull tool to help company’s increase their KPI’s. But SMS-marketing is a great way to reach your customers on the move, and with an increase in mobile usage, this is a powerfull tool for any business. We help you reach your clients via a solid mobile strategy and test your channels to optimize your most successful campaigns.

Understanding and engaging the customer

Hypetraffic is a platform with expertise in the finance, igaming and e-commerce market. We help brands strategize and plan customer activation, and give you tools to understand your customers user-DNA via email marketing, SMS marketing, and SoMe tracking.


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Jernbane Alle 45G 3 sal - 2720 Vanløse - Danmark
Jernbane Alle 45G 3 sal - 2720 Vanløse - Danmark